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Candle Gift Sets For All Occasions

Candle SetsĀ are a wonderful way of showing someone you care. The gift sets come with a variety of candles, which include different scents, and in some cases, different color candles. You can find these gift sets in many different styles. If you would like to purchase one for your mother, you should look at the “specially selected” selections with a few of the most popular mom’s favorite candles in them. This will allow her to select the perfect gift set for herself.

candle gift sets

Some of the popular candle gift sets include the “Molly’s Lucky Charm”, “alian communion cup” and “Pampering Her”. The “Pampering Her” set comes with three scented candles, and this set is designed specifically for women. There is a special tag that comes along with this gift pack that has a recipe card for each of the three candles. There is also a book that comes with the package that has a list of instructions on how to use the candles safely.

The “Italian communion cup” candle is designed with seven different scented candles in it. The bottom of the container is the same color as the base of the cup, and it has the symbol of the cross on it as well. The” communion cup” is a beautiful gift that will bring a smile to any true Italian lady’s face. The “ilianne napoli” candle comes in a clear glass jar, and is a beautiful gift that comes in a wood finished box that has an organza ribbon attached to it. It is covered with a lid that has the image of a young girl sitting on a beach, with flowers surrounding her.

The “alian communion” set is decorated with four scented candles. They include the “maria geluccia” candle in a clear glass jar that has a clear lid with a white lid with fish drawings and a gold one with roses. There is also a pink candle in the same jar. The other candle is the “Tiramisu” in a clear jar, and it comes in a dark red color with pretty white lace accents.

The “alian communion” candle gift sets come with some beautiful organza bags that are used to store these candles. The scented candles do not have to be lit while the bag is used to store them. You can put the entire set inside the bag, and it will keep the scented candles nice and fresh. There is also a cute plastic scented candle holder that can be used to display this collection. This one is quite attractive in the shape of a pink heart, and it is placed on a silver plate. It is quite elegant for a table setting.

The “gianne napoli” and “elia geluccia” candle gift sets come in either tealight or chrome containers. They are gorgeous in their own right. The “elia geluccia” candle has a lovely floral arrangement done in a transparent colored plastic that looks like glass. This collection comes in three colors: light green, clear, and burgundy.

For those who prefer Italian gifts, you may want to consider the “marziale amorosa” which comes in three colors: light rose, dark rose, and medium rose. Each of these candles has a scented version that is made in the shape of flowers. This set would make a lovely gift for an Italian friend, mother, or sweetheart.

These candle gift sets are so great, especially since each one of these candles is made in the shape of flowers! What better way to remember someone than to give them something with the symbol of love? The “marziale amorosa” is perfect for your mother, your best friend, or even for your lover. You can purchase these beautiful candles online. Just Google “hand-made Italian gift”, or “hand-made floral” to find the perfect candle gift set for any occasion.